• Apple Job Listing Hints at Future iCloud Apps

    Earlier this week Apple Insider noticed a new job posting by Apple for a position hinting at the development of future iCloud applications.

    The position in question “iCloud Application Developer” will work at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California. The job description describes the position as someone who will develop new and current iPhone applications for iCloud services.

    “The iCloud team is looking for a proactive, creative-minded (engineer) to build the next generation of cocoa-based client applications that integrate tightly with a set of cloud based services” — Apple Listing.
    Apple is careful not give any hints as to what the new applications could entail, but the position requires quite the talented individual. Aside from a bachelor's degree in computer science and a minimum of five years experience, the job's requirements include: strong object-oriented programming and design skills, experience with the iOS SDK and experience with Cocoa.

    Apple’s iCloud based services launched this October which means any additions to the iCloud lineup are likely a ways off. Still, the listing mentions that employees will “build products that people want to use every day.”

    What apps do you wish existed that you (or other people) would use everyday?

    Source: Apple Insider
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