• MAME Emulator Makes its Way Into the App Store

    Arcades are a dying childhood pastime, but emulators have kept the quarter eating, and allowance sucking games of our youth alive. Even better, the good people at TouchArcade spotted a free Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) available for free in the App Store.

    The emulator ships with nine “less than stellar” ROMs including: Circus, Crash, Hard Hat, Fire One, Robot Bowl, Side Track, Spectar, Star Fire and Targ. Thankfully iMAME operates like its non-iOS emulator counterparts and allows users to play a nearly limitless amount of games granted they have a working ROM. The app loads ROMS using a third-party utility like iExplorer without jailbreaking.

    “Yep, add a .zip rom to the Docs folder through PhoneView and it works perfect! Just tried Crime Fighters! “ — @mattlukens.
    While this is an awesome emulator and appears to function rather well, Apple’s has a mixed history with emulators. A number of individual emulators litter the App Store, but as MacRumors points out Apple has been much more restrictive with open emulators like the DOS/Windows 3.0 emulator they removed.

    Grab iMAME quick before Apple breaks some Arcade dreams. It’s a universal app available in the App Store for free.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      It has been yanked. Lasted longer than I thought it would.
    1. dalton4life's Avatar
      dalton4life -
      I knew grab to this quickly. Even in the app store reviews many acknowledged it probably wouldn't last long.
    1. pichito's Avatar
      pichito -
      damn i missed this, and i don't see it in ********** either... anyone have the IPA file?
    1. Simon's Avatar
      Simon -
      Quote Originally Posted by pichito View Post
      damn i missed this, and i don't see it in ********** either... anyone have the IPA file?
      Cant ask for that here sorry, we have a no warez policy on MMI.
      There is a iMame in cydia though, same one I believe. Just install it from there.
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