• Jailbreaker Geohot Slapped with Restraining Order from Sony

    On Tuesday, consumer electronics giant Sony proceeded to file a restraining order against jailbreaker extraordinaire George Hotz - better known in our community as "Geohot," the famous iPhone hacker. Geohot and his team have been cited by Sony for bypassing "effective technological protective measures" in PlayStation 3 firmware version 3.55. Just days ago, Geohot released a controversial jailbreak which enables PlayStation 3 hackers to run custom packages on the console. Geohot is endeavoring to restore the "Other OS" option pulled from the hugely popular gaming system in 2010.

    According to Sony, the restraining order is necessary to stop Geohot from offering the jailbreak. The PS3 maker alleges Geohot and his cohorts are blatantly violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Computer Fraud Abuse Act. Based on what's known of the court filing, Sony takes direct aim at Geohot claiming the jailbreaker has "trafficked in circumvention technology, products, services, methods, codes, software tools, [and] devices."

    The main reason Sony is upset? The company doesn't want illegal (aka pirated) games played on its system. As with all related jailbreak concerns, this case boils down to the almighty dollar. And Sony says Geohot's antics will continue to cost the company - and ultimately consumers - a pretty penny. Although "Save Geohot" t-shirts are not yet available, someone may want to fire up the printing press because Sony is seriously gunning for Geohot's head like no one has before.

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