• TV Ad Analysis Firm Names Santa Siri Ad Most Effective Holiday Ad This year

    Santa inspired television ads rule the airwaves this time of year. Target has their slow-motion running Santa, Best Buy has Santa usurped by a proud mother, Apple with their Siri inspired affair and many more. But, only one can be labeled the best, and TV ad analysis firm Ace Metrix named Apple's the most effective.

    Ace Metrix measured viewer reactions to commercials from advertising vets like Coca-Cola (polar bears), Pillsbury, Nintendo and more, which make Apple’s win rather impressive. The Santa Siri ad earned 652 out of a possible 950 points from a group of randomly selected viewers who rated the commercials on relevance, persuasion, watchability, information and additional metrics. This was roughly eight percent higher than other tech companies in the study.

    Additionally, Ace Metrix found that companies who used Santa in their holiday season ads performed better than ads without Santa during the season. Most companies seem to have figured this out as Santa was the star of 35 different ads so far this holiday season.

    While Best Buy didn't win most effective individual ad, the company did secure the title of most effective campaign this year with their “Game On, Santa” series. However, even one of Best Buy’s ads included a Christmas Tree surrounded by Apple products.

    Who would have thought, Product+Santa=Effective Advertising during the Christmas season?
    Source: Apple Insider
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