• [Giveaway] Win A Copy of PwnTunes As A Holiday Gift

    Have you ever wanted to not use iTunes?

    PwnTunes is a jailbreak tweak made possible by a development team known as SpiritOfLogic. If you don't know what it is yet - then you've been missing out. It allows you to completely avoid using iTunes and manage your iDevice media on your own. It even allows you to add content on a friend's computer to your iDevice without erasing the data on your iDevice already from your own computer (like iTunes always makes you do). Additionally, you can use your iDevice as a flash drive, or manage your photos without needing to use iTunes. Basically, PwnTunes makes your iDevice an iTunes-independent device.

    PwnTunes works best with Windows because of the way that it functions. It is capable of working on Mac OS X and Linux as well, but for Mac OS X users to use PwnTunes to manage their iDevice media, they will need to download and install an application called XNJB. The reason for needing this software is because Mac OS X has a, "very restrictive" (Heusinger) way of handling files and due to that, XNJB is necessary for freeing features that are necessary for using PwnTunes on Mac OS X. Windows on the other hand doesn't need any software to use PwnTunes and it works right out of the box.

    With PwnTunes, you can easily add photos to the iDevice via USB sync cable without syncing whole folders back and forth between device and your PC. for example with itunes you sync at home. Another thing is, if you go to another of your computers and it has great music but when you try to sync with the iTunes library, iTunes tells you it will delete all of your music from the other computer you used. No more - PwnTunes makes it so that syncing with other libraries will not delete your library. Instead, it will fuse together to make one large music library. You can also download music via Mobile Safari directly on your iDevice and put it into the My Music folder with iFile and import it into iPod lib with PwnTunes. We don't condone piracy with music - we assume that you are using an online backup for your music files and may need to download them on your device on the fly. With PwnTunes, files are literally dragged and dropped into your iDevice and they are available for playing.

    PwnTunes with iOS 5 support has been released. The version that is compatible with iOS 5 will be version It works also with iOS 4 for those of you who have not updated yet. The video above offers a small demonstration of the tweak (compliments of Christian Heusinger).

    To me, the idea of being untethered from iTunes seems like a burden lifted from my chest. Sometimes I use computers where iTunes isn't installed and this would allow me to use them to manage my music or add more to my iDevice. Maybe if you're somewhere like work where computers are locked off from installing arbitrary software like iTunes, PwnTunes will come in handy for you. It also works great for school computers where software and Windows features are locked off from use. This tweak was built upon a great idea and expended to amazing results - I couldn't be happier with what it does and I recommend it to anyone looking into not using iTunes to manage their iDevice media.

    Name: PwnTunes
    Price: $12.99 + 10 Day Free Trial
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: SpiritOfLogic
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    The giveaway here is a gift from the SpiritOfLogic developer, Christian Heusinger. Let's all hand him a big thanks and wish him the best for the holidays. To be entered for a chance to win a copy of PwnTunes, leave a comment below with at least five complete sentences explaining why you think that you deserve to win a copy of PwnTunes and leave your Cydia number in the end of the comment. The more you make the staff laugh the better your chances are of winning.

    We are giving away 20 copies of PwnTunes and winners will be announced on December 27.

    Sources" Christian Heusinger
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    1. tankz504's Avatar
      tankz504 -
      I would LOVE a copy of this!!!!
    1. technosource's Avatar
      technosource -
      I feel like I deserve a copy of PwnTunes because,
      1. I have lost countless songs by accidentally syncing to all of my friends computers to charge my device.
      2. It would help me get all the songs that i would enjoy on long trips that i take.
      3. It would also help me because I can finally get all the songs that i have downloaded at my school.
      4. It would help me because when i try to install iTunes on my computer it states that there is an issue with my windows installer and i need to contact my software provider to fix the issue but i have no idea what this means.
      5. This would be the only and best thing i get for Christmas and it would help me actually get my music on my device.
      6. This sentence is mainly just to have a sixth one.

      And thank you Christian Heusinger for the development of this awesome sounding tweak and have a Merry Christmas!!!
      My Cydia Number is 3111028
    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      Would be a great gift.
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      I deserve a copy of pwntunes because...
      1. I am African American and Hispanic mixed and the white man is trying to keep me down.
      2. I have an official race card that proves I'm not a racist.
      3. Sprit of logic is the best name for what they do.
      4. Anthony I would take you on a date if you had longer hair and darker skin(a tan would do as well)
      5. It's Christmas and I was born on Christmas! 12/25/1990
      These probably aren't complete sentences but hopefully made somebody laugh.

      Last but not least I worked my butt off at Starbucks while everybody shopped and enjoyed their holiday!

      Merry Christmas!!
      Cydia # 896973
    1. catstide's Avatar
      catstide -
      Thank you Christian for being so generous and giving this great software away.I hate itunes but love Apple so this would be great for me.I take lots of pics and would love to be able to manage them better.I have a 4s so I'm stock now and can't find my cydia number . I hope this doesn't disqualify me for this contest. Merry Christmas and thanks for the give away!
    1. Z_rock's Avatar
      Z_rock -
      Got Nothing Too Fancy To Say.
      Just Know That It Would Make My Life A Helluva Lot Easier.
    1. Cyian's Avatar
      Cyian -
      Oh my god! This is so cool! Thx to modmyi for posting and news and also Christian for being so generous during this Christmas season. I think I deserve a copy of Pwntunes because I really hate the iTunes interface. It is too complicated to be used with such an awesome phone like the iPhone. Besides that I'm always on the go therefore having pwntunes will be such an amazing add on for me to get things done faster. I'm also a music lover hence I can now easily get the latest music from my friends and not going through the hassle of using my own iTunes to get it. With pwntunes I will now be able to fully utilize my iPhone to the max and things will be so much simpler now. Finally I totally deserve this giveaway because pwntunes will make my life so much simpler and I will be able to go through everyday with a smile on my face

      iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
      Cydia number: 2717240
    1. Striknine's Avatar
      Striknine -
      I feel I deserve a copy. Not because its a great app and I'd love to have this feature, but because i listened to the entire video without pulling my hair out.

      iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3
      Cydia account# 655305
    1. Gh0sti's Avatar
      Gh0sti -
      1. I am a lonely person that is not very smart and i need this tweak so that i dont have to use iTunes.
      2. I hate itunes is that a good enough sentence.
      3. Still hate itunes need i say more,
      4. was someone above saying they were black and they deserve one? your people have the right to vote and a lot of other things and you treat it like dirt today Martin Luther would smack you in the face he died for you ( i mean the cause) i aint racists.
      5. Im white
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gh0sti View Post
      1. I am a lonely person that is not very smart and i need this tweak so that i dont have to use iTunes.
      2. I hate itunes is that a good enough sentence.
      3. Still hate itunes need i say more,
      4. was someone above saying they were black and they deserve one? your people have the right to vote and a lot of other things and you treat it like dirt today Martin Luther would smack you in the face he died for you ( i mean the cause) i aint racists.
      5. Im white

      Sweet, I was waiting for a reply like this. I'd smack me too if I wasn't playing. Don't be so serious bro
      Clean fun, let's keep it like that.
    1. trevorftard's Avatar
      trevorftard -
      I own one copy of pwntunes already. I messaged the developer of this tweak and he said one purchase of this would service all of my devices, but that's not the case. I feel like I'm kind of owed more copies because of an empty promise made by the dev. :/ Someone please prove me wrong or hit me up with that free copy for my lonely 3GS and iPod 4G. I'd really appreciate it.
    1. Gagandeepp106's Avatar
      Gagandeepp106 -
      PlZz i m beGginG you Plzz give me a free copy of this amazing tweak it very hard to copy songs from one computer all my frnds are android user and nokia user they said iphone is **** but i love my phone but putting songs in a device is suck so plzzzz i need this very badly i cant buy this app bcoz it is very expensive but it is osome and like a golden chance to get it free so plzz dont forget me.
      Thnxxx and merry christmas
    1. smoothcreak's Avatar
      smoothcreak -
      To get PWNTunes for free would be really cool especially after all the money spent on my kids and bills I have no money left for this and I think it woul be cool. I think it is awesome what these guys do mostly for free. If I knew anything about coding and whatnot I would love to help. I unfortunately don't know any of it though. Maybe I can learn after the holidays some things. These tweaks they make are beyond what apple can do. And then they just come along and steal it. But I love my iDevices.
      With all that said my Cydia number is 519229.
      Merry Christmas everyone. And thank you for all the updates that you guys post for us. Hopefully tomorrow you will post about untethered jailbreak.
    1. soliman85's Avatar
      soliman85 -
      first of all am the first arab guy to enter the contest, and sure you would like to give me a copy as i will show it to my crazy arab friends who will definitely get jealous and run to buy their own copy, also by giving me a copy u will make sure that ur tweak is international as it will be on an iphone 4 in a really far place Egypt ( middle east ) and that will ensure the spreading of ur tweak in a very different places all over the world, and last thing that now i have been staring at my mac for the last 15 mins trying to find any words to put to continue the 5 sentences that will qualify me to win a copy and begun to describe the situation am in now just to finish the 5 sentences u need and now i gonna write a very long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool to that will help me with half a line ) hope i win

      Merry christmas to everyone ..... my cydia number : 2938167
    1. arbor53's Avatar
      arbor53 -
      I don't deserve a copy cause I been bad this year but I want a copy because I am sick of iTunes raping my computer, that's the only reason I have but it does my head in, thanks. Cydia number is1213907
    1. SkyDiverX's Avatar
      SkyDiverX -
      I would love copy of PwnTunes for the following reasons:

      1.) I'm Mexican and can't afford a computer.

      2.) PwnTunes works great when running away from La Migra.

      3.) I get to stick it to Da Man.

      4.) I'm a great swimmer, not an iTunes user.

      5.) I'm poor and can't afford it.

      6.) Merry Xmas everyone!!

    1. Lhmok's Avatar
      Lhmok -
      It's a way cool tweak and save lot of my time to sync and make life easier when transferring stuffs. Cheers and Merry X'mas, i real need it!!!!! My cydia number: 2951144
    1. Shashank.s's Avatar
      Shashank.s -
      Hey I really like the tweak. It saves so much of our time which we waste in syncing and adding files to iTunes.... Plz give d application to me because I can't afford to buy it and I really want it as a gift from Santa today...
      iPhone 4 user
      Cydia number : 2144274
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      I deserve to win a copy of PwnTunes because:
      1) I'm constantly buying music.
      2) iTunes can take awhile to run and sync.
      3) I'm usually never near my computer that I sync my iPod with.
      4) What would Santa Claus do?
      5) It's Christmas time, the season of giving/receiving.
      I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation with 5.0.1
      My Cydia Number: #1027345
    1. sexydadee's Avatar
      sexydadee -

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