• Thunderbolt Coming to PCs This Spring Resulting in More Thunderbolt Accessories

    The always-interesting Digitimes is claiming Intel and Apple’s I/O lovechild Thunderbolt will finally make its way to PCs this Spring.

    According to the report Intel will “fully release” its Thunderbolt interface in April of 2012. Intel is currently prepping Thunderbolt compatible motherboards, laptops, and desktop PCs in lieu of the launch.

    Apple’s Thunderbolt integration is relatively common across their Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac and Mac Mini lines, but limiting the I/O interface to only Mac products has created a verifiable shortage of third-party devices that take advantage of the technology. Also, the ones that do, like Lacie’s Little Big Disk, come at a premium.

    However, the proliferation of Thunderbolt throughout the computing world, as well as dropping component prices in 2012 according to Digitimes, will help increase the number of third-party products that actually use the tech and decrease the price of these products as well. Hopefully competition between Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 finally brings about the next generation of high speed I/O interfaces many video editing, and power users have been waiting for.

    Source: Digitimes [via MacRumors]
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