• Apple TV Sets Due Next Year in 32" and 37" Flavors

    Apple television sets will arrive in the second or third fiscal quarter of next year according to a report by Digitimes.

    The report claims Apple's suppliers are preparing materials for the new television sets that will be available in 37” and 32” sizes. Rumors of an Apple television set have been picking up steam since Steve Job’s comments regarding the possibility surfaced in Steve Job’s biography authored by Walter Isaacson.

    Even though all of Apple TV’s current functions and capabilities would be absorbed into the Apple infused television sets, Digitimes claims Apple will continue to sell the Apple TV set-top box as well.

    If—and this is a big if—Apple decides to enter the television market this year they will be competing with companies who survive on razor thing profit margins. This is hardly the Apple way. Then again, Apple could be looking to do to network television what the company did to the record industry, the App Store and the publishing industry with Newsstand. Under this large assumption Apple would be willing to eek out small margins on Apple Television sets and recoup the rest via content provided through their televisions via a 30 percent cut like Apps, music, and publishers.

    Strong-arming networks, movie studios, and other content providers is an entirely different beast than working with two dying business models (music and print publishing). The studios are incredibly stubborn, and even more dedicated to old outdated business models that rely on old technology. I’ve commented before on the Hell Netflix has had to endure licensing content. Apple’s efforts could very well feel like pulling out Wisdom teeth that keep growing back.

    Hopefully they succeed so the Jailbreak community has a new device to hack and tweak till it can do everything we want it to do that Apple won't sanction.

    Source: Digitimes
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