• Email Phishing Scam Targets AppleID Account Information

    Phishing scams are nothing new to active Internet dwellers, in fact [email protected] is frequented by emails from Ukrainian girls who “want to laugh a little together.”


    But, a new “well-crafted” phishing scam is targeting Apple users in an effort to get then to provide their AppleID billing information. Intego posted an alert earlier this week about the scam. The phishing emails originate from [email protected] and inform the recipient that their billing information is “out of date.”

    The “convincing” part of the scam comes in the form of the Official Apple Online Store - Buy Mac Computers and Notebooks, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and More - Apple Store (U.S.) link that redirects the recipient to a “realistic” sign-in page, according to the report. The email uses Apple logos, the familiar grey background, font and other trademark information in an effort to dupe recipients.

    This new scam follows a long lineage of Mac focused dupes including MacDefender and its “free anti-virus software” scam, the iTunes gift certificate malware scam, and the iCloud scam that targeted current MobileMe. As always double, and triple check the authenticity of any emails from unfamiliar addresses and companies.

    Scammers are increasingly active over the holiday season. Make sure to check debit and credit charges regularly, check emails for authenticity, and watch your kids/roommates/siblings/people you live with. They can take your money easier than these online hacks.

    Source: Intego [via AppleInsider]
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