• Tim Cook's Kinder, Gentler Apple Rewards Employees With Hoodies and Encouraging Words

    Image Courtesy of 9to5Mac

    Feeling inspired by holiday spirit has rewarded many of its employees throughout the company with nice custom-made hoodies. Well, that and extra time off during the Thanksgiving weekend.

    The hoodies appear eerily similar to ones sold in the company's gift store located on their Cupertino Campus, but are reportedly a higher quality. Many of the hoodies included personal messages from higher-level staff members thanking employees for a great year of work.

    Oddly enough, the hoodies can’t be worn while employees are at work. The only outer-wear sanctioned to be worn in stores are Apple fleeces in the matching color of the under shirt (Red or Blue). Those fleeces are usually purchased at the stores cost unless the store opens directly to the outdoors.

    Still, the extra vacation time, a renewed dedication to charitable giving, and hoodies complete with kind words from superiors speak to Tim Cook’s new style of leadership. Perhaps a kinder, gentler Apple will emerge in the coming decade.

    Source: 9to5Mac
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