• Apple Just Behind Amazon.com For Customer Satisfaction in Recent Survey

    Customer satisfaction with Apple’s iPad has already proven to be quite high, but a new survey pegs Apple near the top of online computer and electronics retailers.

    ForeSee Results published their results of the holiday edition of the U.S. E-Retail Satisfaction Index earlier today and placed Apple with the second-highest score trailing only Amazon in terms of customer satisfaction. The survey polled over 8,500 customers using the American Customer Satisfaction Index methodology. Amazon’s score of 88 led retailers with Apple’s score of 83 tying for second with a number of other retailers.

    Generally a score of 80 or higher is considered “the threshold for excellence,” and Apple managed to score higher than any other electronics e-retailer with Newegg.com trailing by a single point with a score of 82. According to the report Amazon’s score of 88 is the highest score recorded in the seven-year history of the survey.

    The big loser for the year: Netflix. The company managed to commit business faux pas after faux pas alienating their customer base on the way to shedding billions in market cap. A stock that traded at a 52-week high of over $300 a share now sits hovering above and below $70 a share on any given day with no signs of recovering in the short-term.

    Apple on the other hand has seen their market cap soar along with their stock price reaching a 52-week high of $426 a share before settling in around $400 before the end of the year. Increasing the bottom line might mean skimping on customer satisfaction for some companies, but for ones like Apple, customer satisfaction is a driving force behind their consistent productivity.

    Source: Apple Insider
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