• MuscleNerd Tweets iPhone Unlock Statement

    On Friday morning, MuscleNerd provided an update to our community. Calling it the "Official iPhone unlock statement," MuscleNerd says: "no unlock will be released until after 4.2.5 or official 4.3 (whichever is last) is out." If its' true that good things really do take time, now would be a good time to aquire that virtue called patience - assuming being a member of this community hasn't already imbued you with that aforementioned attribute.

    Although the revelation isn't groundbreaking, MuscleNerd's latest comment is serving to cool the jets of those who think the Dev Team is about to drop "what's next" in the coming days. "Itís silly to release anything during Apple betas," says MuscleNerd, "because most people canít take advantage.Ē

    The news from MuscleNerd comes just as an NBC News affiliate reports that Apple is ramping up efforts to recruit the Federal Government to assist in cracking down on iOS jailbreaking. "Current jailbreak technologies now in widespread use utilize unauthorized modifications to the copyrighted bootloader and operating system, resulting in the infringement of the copyrights in those programs," Apple tells the U.S. Copyright Office in the company's most recent plea for help.

    While there is nothing more than just wild speculation to this suggestion, some believe that if BGR's report Wednesday is correct in reporting that Apple is considering an iPhone 5 without a physical home button, one of the biggest reasons for that possible hardware revision would be to somehow complicate the jailbreak process.

    MuscleNerd via Twitter
    NBC News
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