• Apple Reopens iTunes Connect A Day Early

    Apple previously mentioned that iTunes Connect would be shut down from December 22 to December 29, but the website went back up today (a day early). For those of you who donít already know, iTunes Connect is the portal for Apple iOS and Mac developers where they can upload and submit new application, make changes to their App Store pages, obtain promotional codes, check sales reports, etc.

    We previously mentioned that app developers typically see sales increases due to the jump in iOS device sales during the holidays. Just yesterday we reported how Apple ended up seeing a 353% increase in typical iOS device activation statistics on Christmas day alone. I can only imagine how many people are rushing to the App Store to try and get some cool, fun, and useful apps for their new iOS devices.

    Several developers recently reported in the last couple of days that its price changes scheduled for December 25 have started to appear. Price changes were delayed from appearing on Christmas day but have begun to appear before Appleís previously noted reopen date for App Store submissions and changes.

    I know many people were getting antsy with the App Store freeze. Now that everything is back to normal, how do you feel? Are there any app updates or submissions you are excited for? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: iTunes
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