• Intel's New Ivy Bridge Processors Pegged for April Release

    Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors finally have an official release date of April 8, 2012 beating the company's timeline leaked earlier this year by a month, according to Digitimes.

    Intel’s next generation processors will have a 22-nanometer architecture across 25 different processors, 17 for desktops and eight for notebooks. The notebook processors will reportedly include model numbers 3820QM and 3720QM and retail for $568 and $378. Ivy Bridge notebook processors will feature Intel's new integrated HD Graphics Architecture will likely find homes in Apple’s updated Macbook Pros.

    The report also mentions a new core i7-3667U processor and core i5-3427U processor designed for Intel’s ultrabooks. The i7-3667U will reportedly clock in at 2GHz and overclocking to 3.2Ghz in single-core mode. The i5-3427U will run at a slightly slower 1.8GHz and overclock to 2.8GHz in single-core mode. Apple's Macbook Air will reportedly house these processors as well.

    Intel’s always delayed release plans and insistence on including integrated graphics solutions on their mobile chips hasn’t played well with Apple. Integrated graphics, no matter how advanced, pale in comparison to mobile solutions from AMD and Nvidia. Apple’s impatience with Intel is rumored to have nearly reached a tipping point resulting in Apple’s exploration for new processor manufacturers like AMD.

    However, it appears Intel will power Apple’s next lineup of notebooks which are rumored to support retina displays capable of displaying 2,800 x 1,800 pixels. To put that in perspective, the 27” iMac sports a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. If history repeats itself, expect Apple's notebooks and desktops to get Intel's latest chips earlier than the April. Intel has a habit of providing Apple with first runs of soon-to-be released chips.
    Source: Digitimes [via AppleInsider]
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