• Apple to Announce Earnings Next Week, May Have Sold 4 Million Macs

    Apple will announce it's FY 2011 First Quarter Earnings Results earnings on Tuesday, January 18 at 5:00 P.M. EST. Apple will provide live audio streaming of the call, and the stream will be available for two weeks after.

    The earnings call will reveal just how well Apple products sold during the holiday season. With the recent report that PC sales were not stellar during the same period, many analysts are speculating that consumers opted for iPads and Macs instead of buying a new PC.

    Another report from Fortune predicts that Apple may have sold as many as four million macs during this past quarter. Of the 31 analysts polled in the report, the average was 3.84 million macs. This was first quarter to feature the revamped Macbook Air at a much more consumer-friendly price, and new iMac models were released during the summer months.

    Although we'll have to wait until Tuesday for the official numbers, unofficial results appear extremely high across the board, not just for the new Macs. Another report looked at 50 apple retail stores, and it seems evident that consumers flocked to the iPad during it's first holiday season. Analyst Chris Whitmore pointed out that Apple benefited great because the iPad had "almost no competition," and even raised his prediction of 15 million iPhones sold worldwide to 16 million.

    Whitmore adds that he believes the company has its "strongest offering since it began," and based on recent earnings, Apple is poised to reveal a record earnings quarter that may exceed the company's lofty estimates.

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