• Rare Photo of Steve Jobs Flipping Off IBM Made Public

    Yeah, believe it or not, this is the professional Steve Jobs in his prime time.

    Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple before his unfortunate passing, had a crazy childhood. He was a rebellious hippie that tripped on acid and figured out how the world spun at an early age. Back in the glory days, he wouldn't shower, he would go around barefoot, and create Apple in the process. We know how charismatic Steve Jobs was with Apple because Apple was his passion. With Apple being such a passion of Steve's, it makes a whole lot of sense that he would go to great lengths to make Apple look good and to make other companies look inferior.

    Perhaps one photograph that stands out among them all is this rare photograph of Steve Jobs giving the IBM logo on the side of a building the middle finger. It's Steve with all of his rebellious spirit. The photograph was made public today by one of the original Macintosh team members, Andy Hertzfeld, on his Google+ account. The photograph was taken in New York City in the year 1983 by a French man that the team was hanging out with named Jean Pigozzi when the Macintosh team visited the city to have a meeting with Newsweek.

    Hertzfeld's editor had begged him to include this photograph in Hertzfeld's book, but of course, Hertzfeld was too timid to ask Steve to include the photo in his book because Apple was doing business with IBM at the time for their processors. It's nice that Hertzfeld had the heart to take that into consideration, because if IBM didn't provide Apple with the processors they needed for their computers back in those days, who knows exactly where Apple would be today. Of course, Apple uses Intel processors now, but without IBM who knows how advanced Intel would be these days.

    Judging the smile of Steve's face, he was having a lot of fun. This is professionalism at its finest. Whatever you might call it - rotten company partnership, crude business jokes, or Steve just being his rebellious self, Steve still remains as one of the world's top influences of this century. This is a photo that should be added to any real Apple fan's collection. What are your thoughts and comments about this photograph? Share in the comments!

    Sources: Andy Hertzfeld
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