• Apple Issuing Take Down Notices to Major Piracy Sources

    Apple is finally attacking their money-making barricades.

    Piracy is a large problem in the computer world and one company that's really feeling the pain from it is Apple. As we know Apple takes a thirty percent cut from all App Store sales. This means it makes sense that Apple would want to kill off any iOS piracy firms. One of the large firms can be accessed from iDevices through a Cydia source with their own application. This is one reason why Apple doesn't want us jailbreaking our iDevices. We don't condone piracy and it isn't allowed here. Apple doesn't want it around either.

    Cracked iOS applications cost Apple a ton of money. Millions are downloaded each day out of ignorance that people are really hurting the companies. Millions more are downloaded each day on purpose because people want stuff for free and simply don't care that what they're doing is wrong. The after effect of all of these applications not being sold is Apple and the hard-working developers included losing out on billions of dollars.

    Apple has issued 'take down' warnings to one of these firms in attempt to destroy the firm. This firm is taking measures into their own hands to try and avoid being shut down by moving their servers to countries around the world where copyright isn't applicable. A cowardly move by the firm involved - they are attempting to keep the servers up and running completely against Apple's demands and against United States copyright laws. The firm said this:

    Over the last several months, Apple has been scraping [piracy firm name withdrawn] for links and sending huge takedown notices for a ton of content. Weve been working to keep [piracy firm name withdrawn] up-to-date, but the only (effective) way to prevent automated takedowns was to add a CAPTCHA to outbound links. In addition, we finished moving our servers to several different countries earlier this week. This has raised our costs far beyond what we can afford with declining donations, meaning that we will have to place an advertisement on that CAPTCHA page.
    With Apple supporting the SOPA bill by proxy early in the beginning of its introduction and later backing away from it, we can now see why Apple is so stifling about piracy. Apple backed out of the SOPA bill only because of the seemingly questionable powers that it gives the government and businesses. Aside from that, the idea of being able to shut down piracy firms sounded good to them. We will likely see more bills similar to SOPA in the future that try to keep piracy from existing.

    We expect that with Apple attacking one of the largest cracked iOS application firms, we will see much more coming up. Like all companies, they are out to make money and anything that stands in their way is a threat that needs to be terminated. Companies have fought piracy for ages - will Apple be able to put tighter control on it? Only time will tell.

    Do you think Apple will be successful in breaking most iOS piracy in half? Share in the comments.

    Sources: 9to5Mac
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