• Devs Work to Provide Side-by-Side Apps on Apple TV

    The popular iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been working with another developer named TheMudKip to add iOS application functionality to the Apple TV. As of right now, the tweak is still in its early stages but the concept of running apps has been proven. To accomplish the task of running iOS applications on the Apple TV, the developers re-wrote the software that powers the app launcher, otherwise known as the iOS Springboard.

    Re-writing the code for the iOS Springboard also sparked innovation for cool new features such as side-by-side apps. This concept was demonstrated as early as WWDC 2011 on an iPad but this tweak in specific is one that is much more powerful and important on a device such as the Apple TV. The thought of being given the option to open several applications all at once brings forth the notion of being able to multitask or monitor information to a whole new level. You can see some images of the tweak in its current state below:

    Stay tuned for more news regarding the tweak as it develops.

    Source: Steven Troughton-Smith (Twitter), TheMudKip (Twitter)
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