• New Apple Retail Stores to Open in Canada, Germany, and Spain

    Apple doesn’t seem to be slowing down when it comes to opening more of their famous retail stores. Recently, three new retail locations all received approval – one located in a century theatre in Germany, another in London, Ontario, Canada, and the third in a 1860-era building in Madrid, Spain. These approvals all come after Apple’s recent retail opening of their new Grand Central store, which came to fruition after the company met its goal of 30 new locations being opened worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2011.

    The company’s retail store in Germany will be located on The Kurfürstendamm in Berlin inside a 5,000 square foot theatre originally built in the early 1900s. The folks over at iFun have confirmed that employment applications for the location have surfaced. Furthermore, it seems that construction is already underway with certain aspects of the building being covered.

    With over a year’s worth of discussions, the folks at ifoAppleStore confirmed plans for an Apple Store in a building that is 65,293 square feet in Madrid, Spain, which was finally approved by city officials. The rendered image was released by the city and while it doesn’t show any Apple logos, it shows a classic Apple retail design meshed in with the 1860-era building design.

    Another store that is set to open in 2012 is the one located in London, Ontario, Canada in the Masonville Place shopping mall. This one has been rumored for years but recently have been confirmed by the usually reliable folks at ifoAppleStore. This store is set to take over the 6,176 square-foot space which was previously occupied by Eddie Bauer on the upper level. Opening at this location would help Apple continue its steady retail expansion in Canada, which is currently sitting at 22 stores across the country (nine of which are located in Ontario alone). Apple opened a store in April at Mapleview Center in Burlington, Ontario and another in Waterloo as well. The Masonville store is set to serve customers between Toronto locations and Detroit.

    The retail expansion for Apple isn’t exactly good news for everyone though. Other retail stores which sell Apple products are going to continue to have a harder time as Apple will likely stock its own stores before shipping products to others. We previously reported about eBizcuss launching a lawsuit alleging that Apple gives preferential treatment to its own Apple retail stores when shipping products and with retail expansion, the issue is likely to continue. As of their latest earnings call in October, Apple announced that they now have 357 retail stores worldwide.

    Are any of you in one of the areas where a new retail store is being opened? If so, are you excited? How do the rest of you feel knowing that Apple is expanding its retail stores worldwide – usually in iconic locations at that? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: ifoAppleStore (1) (2), iFun
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