• Eerily Real Steve Jobs Action Figure Available for Pre-Order Now

    Christmas morning came and went, but a gaping hole remained in my heart. I experienced the usual joy of receiving and the gratification of giving, but still there it was, an emotional vacuum located somewhere between fulfilled and disappointed.

    I found what was missing. The Steve Jobs action figure above, complete with its own reality distortion field.

    The 12” Steve Jobs action figure from toy company In Icons is set to be released in February for $99. Hopefully a Cupertino Town Hall model surfaces soon so owners can stage the oft talked about berating of the MobileMe Team.

    Honestly, the attention to detail found on this figurine is insane. Textured hair, creases in lips. glasses, eye color, and the patented Jobs stare are all included. Even more, a full line of accessories will be availabled including a “one more thing” stage backdrop, keynote stool, interchangeable hands for varied gestures, apples, iPhones, iPads, the Apple I, and even Jobs' famous New Balance sneakers.

    The figurine is available for pre-order now and the $99 price tag includes the following:

    • One realistic head sculpt & Two pairs of glasses
    • One highly articulated body & Three pairs of hands
    • One black turtleneck & One pair of blue jeans
    • One black leather belt & One chair (wood + metal)
    • One pair of black socks & sneaker
    • Two apples (One with a bite.)
    • One piece of "ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop

    In Icons is only producing a limited quantity, so if your Apple obsession borders on unhealthy order yours now to guarantee you’ll always have a creepy dinner party conversation piece.

    Source: In Icon [via BuzzFeed]
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