• The iMac Accounts for 33% of All-In-One PC Sales

    As portable computers continue to gain attention and sales, all-in-one PCs have become a increasingly popular in the market and the iMac seems to account for nearly a third of all sales for the market. The all-in-one desktop computer sales have grown 39% in 2010 and have reached 14.5 million units according to research firm DisplaySearch’s report revealed to Bloomberg. Out of all the desktop sales, Apple accounts for 32.9% making it the single largest all-in-one PC maker in the world.

    More news that isn’t much of a surprise would be that the iMac is Apple’s all-in-one system and the company’s strongest selling desktop, coming ahead of the Mac mini and Mac Pro. Last quarter, Macs the MacBook lineups represented 75% of the Mac sales but desktop stales were still able to hit a new record for Apple. It is likely that this trend will continue in the upcoming quarterly report as well.

    The company’s nearly 33% share of all-in-one desktops cause it to beat out Lenovo, the second company doing well in the market. Hewlett-Packard came in third with 21.4%. HP plans to release a new pair of desktops PCs before next week’s Consumer Electronics Show as well so we’ll have to see if that will change any results too. The two models the company plans to release are the HP Omni, an all-in-one desktop with a 27-inch screen meant for family use going on sale Jan. 8 starting at $1,200 and the Pavilion HPE h9 Phoenix, which starts at $1,150. According to Bloomberg, HP’s decisions to highlight new desktops as portables shows that Apple’s hope to “stand out from a flood of portable technology” at CES next week. DisplaySearch believes that the all-in-one desktop market is expected to continue to grow, reaching 23.3 million units by 2014.

    Although the iMac continues to perform stronger than ever, Apple is said to be questioning the future of its traditional tower desktop, the Mac Pro. How do you feel about the information? Do you own an iMac? What are your thoughts about them? Share your opinions below!

    Source: Bloomberg
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