• It's Official: Apple Warns of Legal Action Over Jobs Action Figure

    As MMi's Phillip Swanson reported Monday, a 12 Steve Jobs action figure from toy company "In Icons" is set to be released in February for $99.

    Unfortunately, there's now a chance that we'll never know if the action figure had the potential of becoming the next G.I. Joe. Because if "In Icons" proceeds to sell the toy next month, they may need G.I. Joe to rescue them from the legal war Apple is reportedly threatening.

    As the U.K. Telegraph reveals today, Apple sent a letter to the Asian toy manufacturer asserting that their product obviously resembles an Apple likeness (meaning Steve Jobs) that belongs to the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

    Who didn't see this coming?

    As some will recall, Apple succeeded at blocking the sale of other Steve Jobs-related products in the past, including a similar action figure released in 2010 by MiC Gadget.

    Here's my question: if so many people want the Steve Jobs action figure but Apple won't let anyone produce it, why doesn't Apple just launch a new division and release an entire set of sanctioned Apple action figures and toys?

    The revenue potential alone for "Tickle Me Woz" could easily eclipse iPhone sales.

    Source: U.K. Telegraph
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