• White iPhone 4 Shows Up in Best Buy Inventory System

    image: MacRumors

    MacRumors is reporting that they've received photo evidence, allegedly from Best Buy's inventory system, of the white iPhone 4. The photo states that the phone is set for a February 27 launch date. The inventory screenshot shows both the 16 GB and 32 GB models will be available.

    Apparently the SKU and model numbers are the exact same as when pre-orders were being taken for the white iPhone 4 before it's launch in June of last year. Those pre-orders were of course cancelled as the release was delayed, and delayed once again.

    Last we heard, the white iPhone 4 was scheduled for a Spring 2011 release date, and demand for the product has all but subsided as most consumers have looked elsewhere for their phone at this point, either at the black iPhone 4, or at another phone altogether. A Spring 2011 launch would not come with much fanfare, as Apple is expected to announce their next generation iPhone in the Spring or early Summer of this year, just as they have in the past few years.

    The only validity we see in this report is that this discovery coincides with an Engadget report that the white iPhone 4 had showed up in the inventory system of Vodaphone Germany as well. There was no release date indicated in that inventory, however, with the phone's just saying they'd be released "soon."

    MacRumors is quick to point out that February 27 would be a very odd release date for Apple, as it is a Sunday, whereas Apple normally launches their products on Thursday or Friday, "in order to generate high-volume sales over the launch weekends."

    Another day, another white iPhone 4 rumor, we'll keep you posted if we hear anything official.

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