• Report: Apple to Open Mini Retail Shops Inside Select Target Stores

    If you've ever seen the store-within-a-store concept (a small McDonalds within a Walmart, for example) it should come as no surprise that leading U.S. retail chain Target is said to be eager to expand its in-store offerings.

    According to a new report published Friday, Target's ambitions could elevate the retailer's relationship with Apple to an extensive degree. Our friends at Apple Insider reported today that the iPhone maker is allegedly poised to launch a "store-within-a-store" at dozens of select Target locations this year.

    The initial roll-out would include thoughtfully-placed mini-stores inside 25 Targets around the country. The locations will be selected on the basis of proximity to nearby Apple stores. That is, Target and Apple will bring the "mini Apple Store" concept to cities not large enough to currently warrant having a dedicated Apple Store.

    If the first 25 participating Target stores see success with the in-store Apple store, there's an excellent possibility that the concept will expand to more of Target's 1,752 U.S. stores.

    Source: Apple Insider
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