• Apple to Increase Penetration of Corporate Market in 2012

    According to the Global Tech Market Outlook for 2012 and 2013 that Forrester recently published, it appears that Apple and not cloud computing will be reshaping “the computing equipment market.” With an increasing number of people using Apple products, the study cited the adoption of iPad and Macs among professionals as proof that Apple is “dramatically disrupting” the corporate market. The corporate market was traditionally dominated by Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and HP but this no longer seems to be the case with the rise of Apple. As of right now estimates show that that in 2012, Apple could potentially sell $9 billion worth of Macs and $10 billion worth of iPads to the corporate market alone.

    The following was mentioned in the report:
    Analysts have been predicting that cloud computing — specifically, infrastructure-as a service (IaaS) — will reshape the server and storage market… Actual adoption of IaaS remains limited…The biggest disruptive force in the computer equipment market thus is not IaaS, but Apple. This is a surprise, because Apple has not and does not directly address the corporate market, while turning a wide variety of consumer technology markets upside-down. But its rapid growth in the corporate market has been the big surprise of 2011, and it will be even more of a factor in 2012.

    Forrester estimated that apple will sell $6 billion worth of Macs nd $6 billion worth of iPads to the corporate market in 2011 after measuring the number of Apple OS-powered devices and supported tablets for 2010 and 2011. The research company expects the number to be more than double by 2013, with $12 billion worth of Macs and $16 billion worth of iPads. As part of the report, the company outlined some of the areas where Apple seemed to be excelling in capturing the corporate market.

    While reminding everyone that research includes iPads in the PC category, Forrester continued to attribute Apple’s penetration into many IT departments with orders for tens of thousands of iPads from Fortune 500 companies. The report also indicated that professionals are increasingly urging their employers to fund and support Apple products with a growing number of iPads and MacBooks being used by company executives.

    If you work in a corporate environment or know of someone who does, have you noticed an increase in Apple products? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Forrester
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