• Get A Digital iTunes Gift Card From Best Buy for 20% Off

    Digital gift cards are just so much more convenient...

    Best Buy is selling their digital iTunes gift cards at twenty percent off of their face value on their Web Site. If you are looking to get a good deal on music, movies, books, or apps for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, or maybe you want new software for your Mac, then why not pay less money, to get more? The iTunes cards for sale on Best Buy's Web Site range from values of $15-100. The sale is as follows:

    $15 Digital iTunes Gift Card -> $12
    $25 Digital iTunes Gift Card -> $20
    $50 Digital iTunes Gift Card -> $40
    $100 Digital iTunes Gift Card -> $80

    Unfortunately, the sale isn't for regular gift cards; these are only for digital delivery which means you will not receive any tangible product. You will get a digital code that is as good as redeeming any tangible iTunes gift card - you simply use it in the Mac App Store, App Store, or through iTunes to get your credit.

    If it seems like trading less money for more money is a good idea to you, then take an e-stroll over to Best Buy's Web Site and search, "iTunes." You'll find all of the iTunes card offers listed for you including the sales. Digital iTunes cards can be more pleasant to deal with because since they are sent digitally, there is no long wait for shipping like there would be with a tangible iTunes gift card. You also won't get messy by scratching off the backside of a card to get your redeemable code for iTunes/App Store.

    Are you going to take advantage of this sale? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Best Buy via 9to5Mac
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