• Vizio Entering the PC Market This Summer With Ultra-Portables and All-In-One PCs

    Vizio is taking aim at the all-in-on PC and laptop markets in a big, very familiar way according to a report by Bloomberg today.

    Vizio’s mission is simple, do to personal computers and laptops what the company did to the television market. Driving prices so low the competition has trouble justifying the enormous profit margins they rake in could be difficult in the traditionally razor-thin margin PC business, but that’s why Vizio is looking to disrupt the market in other ways.

    “It’s very similar to TV -- we want to get in there and disrupt it,” McRae said. “We think most PCs have been designed for the small-business users, that others have not done a very good job of making them entertainment devices.”

    Oddly enough, this rhetoric resembles Steve Jobs' and Apple’s rhetoric regarding the mobile computing experience and is largely how Apple separated iOS from other mobile operating systems during its debut. But, Vizio isn't a software company, so their only solution will be relegated to the hardware spectrum.

    Vizio’s all-in-one PCs will come in 24” and 27” screen sizes, with their ultra ultra-portable notebooks coming in 15.6” and 14” sizes. Vizio will also release a regular notebook with a 15.6” screen. Every single computer will include features that deliver audio and video to Vizio TVs and speakers. While this does sound like an interesting feature, it seems more or less like a ploy to get people to purchase more Vizio TVs.

    Vizio’s entry into the PC market, especially with devices that look to directly compete with Apple products, is a daring move. Their all-in-one PC and their notebooks borrow liberally from Apple’s iMac and MacBook Air designs even including a separate touchpad surface a la the Magic Trackpad. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few lawsuits are levied against Vizio by Apple.

    Vizio doesn’t seem interested in creating a race to the bottom price wise like they did in the television market, but Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae did say the windows-based computers would go on sale in June at “a price that just doesn’t seem possible.”

    Sources: Bloomberg, Engadget
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