• CES 2012: LaCie Hub Allows eSATA Drives to Connect to Thunderbolt Macs

    The folks over at CNET recently posted about a new eSATA Hub from LaCie which allows users to connect external eSATA drives to Thunderbolt equipped Macs. The hub comes with two Thunderbolt ports and two eSATA ports. Users are given the option to connect up to two eSATA drives to the hub for use on their Thunderbolt equipped Macs. The additional ports can be used to daisy chain additional Thunderbolt peripherals off the device.

    The reason this hub is appealing is because eSATA has never been a standard option on Macs despite being a faster alternative to USB 2.0 and Firewire is commonly found on high performance external drives and storage arrays. eSata is a high performance drive connector used to connect external hard drives to your computer. It should be noted that eSATA devices are also currently cheaper than their Thunderbolt counterparts. Despite Thunderbolt having a higher maximum speed than eSATA, if you are connecting a single external drive, itís not likely to exceed the upper limit of eSATA.

    For those of you who currently have existing eSATA drives or are waiting for Thunderbolt drives to drop in price, this could be a good interim solution. The device is expected to be available sometime during the first quarter of 2012 although LaCie hasnít released a price as of yet.

    Do any of you plan to pick up this LaCie hub? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: CNET
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