• CES 2012: Track RF-Tagged Objects with the BiKN Locater for the iPhone

    BiKN is schedule to release tiny tags that pair up with your iPhone that can be used to help locate objects that you attach them to. It utilizes 802.15.4, the basis for ZigBee, among many other low power wireless network protocols. The whole system is facilitated with a special RF-enabled case that you slide your iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS) into. At this point, you install the BiKN app from the App Store, which allows you to choose tags that youíve paired and find out how far they are from you with a range of up to several hundred feet. The tags themselves are the size of a matchbox, are rechargeable (with a battery life said to last up to a few weeks) and they can beep so that they are easier to find. The iPhone gives you a radar-like indication of how many feet away you are while the tag itself is making sound too.

    So what exactly would the BiKN be useful for one might ask. It seems that anything that you need to track within a short range would leave the BiKN open as an interesting option. You can attach your tags to keyrings, your petís leash, etc. Finding your keys or your pet that is trying to hide quietly somewhere will not be difficult with the device. Similar to the tags, the iPhone case itself is also a trackable tag. You can pair two phones together allowing them to be tracked from one another. The case and the tags themselves are all rechargeable via Micro USB so there arenít any proprietary docks or connectors to worry about either. It is important to obviously remember to charge your tags periodically before they go silent.

    For those of you who are interested in purchasing the system, it will be sold in packages ranging from $100 to $120 with extra tags being sold in two packs for $50. One last thing that might be interesting to know is that the system can support up to 256 paired tags at a time, although Iím not sure who would want that many tags for the price indicated or how many of those tags would be used for something helpful.

    Are any of you considering picking up the BiKN for yourself or for someone you know? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: The Verge
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    1. andrewe13's Avatar
      andrewe13 -
      I was thinking that would be a great idea for baggages at an airport, but it's only near distance. No I will not be buying that. I have a keyhook and thats where my keys go. I dont need to spend 100$ to 'find' it lol. BUT, the concept is a great idea. Not for my lifestyle.
    1. milenion's Avatar
      milenion -
      Yea seems like a nice idea, but you will have to remember to charge the RF tags every few weeks and if you don't do that you will be looking for your items the old fashioned way.
    1. Amadomon's Avatar
      Amadomon -
      This is just a gimmick for consumers, but in the world of manufacturing this could be quite useful.
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