• Acer Mimics Apple's iCloud Presentation with Unveiling of AcerCloud

    Seems like another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled a “new” service that appears to be something very similar to what Apple has unveiled before. Acer, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer seems to have unveiled a new service called “AcerCloud” that seems to be a quite similar to Apple’s iCloud service.

    The thing that makes this whole situation the most ironic is the presentation that Acer gave regarding their new cloud service. If you take a quick glance, you might even forget that you are looking at two different presentations for two services being provided by two different companies. If you want to get nit-picky, sure maybe the clouds are shaped a bit differently but both seem to contain the same number of images and portray the same devices (a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone). To rub more salt on the wounds, Acer’s photo sharing element is named “PicStream.” I personally feel that the company could have spent a bit more time trying to create a more innovative name rather than blatantly knocking off Apple’s “Photo Stream.”

    The major differences between the presentations were the location of the devices, the location of the phrase “30 days,” and the addition of a rather tasteless Wi-Fi signal indicator. Both the slides are even done on a gradient background, although one might argue that at least the colors are different.

    Now, some of you might argue that Apple didn’t invest the concept of cloud computing, which is true. SugarSync’s old ads (see below) previously showed three devices communicating with the cloud to exchange media as well. What really shakes heads here is that a major manufacturer seems so desperate to be like Apple that they even do their best to mimic the Cupertino giant’s presentation slides. The presentation leaves much to be desired as it shows a lack of imagination and taste, especially from a company of Acer’s size.

    How do you feel about the whole ordeal? Share any thoughts and comments below!

    Source: The Verge
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