• Griffin Unveils Lossless Audio Airplay Solution With "The Twenty"

    The Consumer Electronics Show is upon us and all sorts tech news is flowing out of Las Vegas including Griffin’s announcement of the “Griffin Twenty.”

    The Twenty is very much a niche product. Griffin aims to attract audiophiles of years gone by with The Twenty's ability to utilize Airplay with their aging speaker setups. The Twenty is a simple amplifier that uses an Airport Express adapter to capture and decode an AirPlay stream then send the lossless results to your speakers. A completely untethered lossless audio experience. Well, at least that’s what Griffin is promising.

    The iDevice inspired amplifier houses a 2.1 sound system with 20 watts of output power per channel and supports a powered subwoofer with an automatic crossover at 80 Hz. The Twenty can stream sound from iTunes or any other AirPlay compatible app via zero-configuration wireless audio set-up.

    The Twenty’s specs aren’t going to break any windows or rattle any walls, but the quality of the sound will be superb if it does indeed play and decode lossy quality sound. I wouldn’t expect this to power your next house party, but if you have an old pair of JBL, Altec, or Yamaha reference speakers, this might just be the device you need. Obviously those already with giant home theatre set-ups don’t need a device like this, but its purpose is more reserved than that. Think office or bedroom, not living-room or game-room.

    As with every product announced at CES we’ll have to wait and see how this unit sounds once put into production.

    Source: Griffin
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