• [Giveaway] Let Me Google That For You: From Viral Sensation to iOS Application

    It’s 2008, Jim Garvin and Ryan McGeary are out to lunch at a Thai restaurant with a few other "nerdy" buddies. The usual exchange of IT stories dealing with incompetent coworkers permeates the table.

    Someone mentions a simple problem with a coworker not knowing how to close an Outlook window.

    “I tell them I don’t know the answer, google it, then email them the first link” someone says. The others laugh, and agree they do the same thing. They even agree that it would make a funny site.

    The idea for Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY) was born.

    “Everyone looked like a bunch of sharky card players to me after that. I guess I was the dumb guy in the group who thought everyone was going to leave lunch and rush back to their office and start coding.,” Garvin said.

    Garvin spent the rest of the afternoon building the first version of LMGTFY.com. Ryan McGeary came over during the coding frenzy, and immediately jumped on board.

    “Ryan came over and saw what I was doing and was like ‘Lets get this thing built and hosted by midnight,’” Garvin said.

    The site went live, and before Garvin and McGeary knew it, their creation was getting up voted on Reddit and Digg.com (11, 905 Diggs and 2,300 up votes on Reddit).

    “I think it was one of the most up voted things on Digg at the time,” Garvin Said. “The website has received healthy traffic and has been steadily growing. Honestly, we never thought it’d get this far.”

    Well, LMGTFY did get that far, and as the site grew in popularity, the clamoring for a native iOS app grew too. The snarky masses wanted an easy way to respond to stupid questions when a simple Google search would suffice.

    Tyler Bell, a 19-year-old senior at Iowa State, provided the solution.

    "I started developing the LMGTFY app during the summer when a friend sent me a trivial question via text message,” Bell said. “Just to be 'that guy', I went online and generated a LMGTFY link and sent it back in response to his question.

    That got me thinking, ‘Hey, there should be an app for this!’”

    After a quick search on the App Store Bell found an application that generated a LMGTFY link, but it wasn’t particularly eye-catching and not officially endorsed by Garvin and McGeary.

    “At dinner with a couple of my friends, I threw the idea around,” Bell said. “After a movie we all went to, I came home and started working. After one night of work, I had designed enough to send a mock-up to the LMGTFY guys, Ryan and Jim.”

    Bell’s night of work lasted under three hours with Bell creating the first project folder at 10:22 p.m. on July 17, 2011 and then sending the first screenshots to Garvin and McGeary at 1:01 a.m. July 18, 2011.

    “We didn’t actually have much time to build an app ourselves. We tossed the idea around, and then we heard from Tyler Bell,” McGeary said. “Bell contacted us and said ‘hey, I already built this app, and I’m wondering if you want to publish it cause I’m going to upload it official or not.’ He sent us screenshots, and we liked it so much we bought it from him.”

    Garvin’s and McGeary’s offer to pay for Bell’s work shocked the 19-year-old.

    “When Ryan and Jim offered to pay me for my work I was taken aback,” Bell said. “In my first message to them, I even offered to do the work for free, so getting paid for it was a very nice surprise!

    McGeary and Garvin didn’t disclose how much they bought the app for, but Bell is now part of the LMGTFY team. His name and contact information appears in app and Bell has access to change the app's content as well. However, Bell is a full-time student at Iowa State University and has full plate himself with other side projects.

    In fact Bell’s longest running project—the official application of the College of Engineering at Iowa State—launched just last week. Bell works for two startup companies as well, his own Made by Bell application development service, and Unique Labz a company Bell founded with a friend. Unique Labz first project—Weatherator— will be available soon.

    Garvin and McGeary do much more than simply maintain servers for LMGTFY. Garvin has been developing software since he was a child and currently owns Three Thirties a software development firm in Northern Virginia. McGeary owns his own software development and consulting firm McGeary Consulting Group and is the co-founder of LMGTFY, FitFreak and SplashWireless. However, both Garvin and McGeary are gearing up their next big project BusyConf, a conference organizing web application.

    Despite Bell, Garvin and McGeary focusing on numerous other projects, the LMGTFY crew doesn’t see the site disappearing anytime soon.

    “Nothing lasts forever, we know that, but we like to think it serves a purpose,” Garvin said. “LMGTFY will be around as long as people deserve to have that link sent to them, and people want to send it.”

    *Giveaway Details*

    Garvin and McGeary were kind enough to give us four licenses to pass on to you the readers. As usual comment on the post and we will randomly select the winners. This time though, use your comment to chronicle the dumbest question someone has asked you.

    Also, the LMGTFY crew will be mailing out stickers to the first 20 users who download and review the app in the App Store. Simply email [email protected] with your mailing address and they will send some stickers your way.

    LMGTFY is available in the App Store for $.99.

    Source: LMGTFY, Tyler Bell
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    1. Buzzeh's Avatar
      Buzzeh -
      Someone has been playing Star fox xD
    1. Micha Bailey's Avatar
      Micha Bailey -
      Not sure... Probably "What does the computer mean by 'Username or password is incorrect'?"
    1. Littlejd123's Avatar
      Littlejd123 -
      what does LMGTFY mean?
    1. jofzar's Avatar
      jofzar -
      My dad once asked me why the printer wasn't working. after looking at it, i told him that it wasn't plugged in. he asked me, "you have to plug in the printer for it to work?!?!? There's no battery in it?!?!?"
    1. Joshuawilde's Avatar
      Joshuawilde -
      probably dumbest question "ice cream is so cold...why can't you microwave it?"
    1. master_va's Avatar
      master_va -
      Quote Originally Posted by Littlejd123 View Post
      what does LMGTFY mean?
      here you go:
      Let me google that for you
    1. sn71295's Avatar
      sn71295 -
      Mom: are you at home?
      Me: *facepalm* well I'm using the home phone so...
    1. Tario70's Avatar
      Tario70 -
      Why is there so much crime in the desert?
    1. *T*'s Avatar
      *T* -
      The dumbest thing anyone has ever said to me is as follows:<br><br>Since the Earth is flat, shouldn't Narnia be the underworld?
    1. doc_mufasa's Avatar
      doc_mufasa -
      Interesting.....I need to try this out.
    1. bokusama's Avatar
      bokusama -
      Teasingly fun.... Really?
    1. thekirbylover's Avatar
      thekirbylover -
      “My computer's just showing me this A thing with a blinking line. Is it broken?” - turned out the person was looking around the system and managed to make a dos boot disk and left it in the drive.
      Or, “Add a Printer? Is that going to buy a new printer for me?”
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      I love LMGTFY, constantly sending links to everyone. It's a classic for sure.

      Any number of questions from my dad and sister involving either math or computers: Sis - "what's the gcf of 10?" (my sister is 22) dad - "When I put the CD in a window pops up, but I don't see any music, so how do I make it play?" dad - "There's almost no room to see the websites on my internet windows. It's all google and yahoo bars and stuff. Why is it like that" me in reply "Did you download that stuff?" dad "No I don't download anything" me "Do you click 'yes, install' when windows pop up?" dad "I don't know. I don't read the stuff, I just hit yes." me = facepalm.

      Also, the new auto-save feature for comments is awesome.
    1. Grimbil's Avatar
      Grimbil -
      LMGTFY amuses and educates!
    1. ZeRo-cOoL's Avatar
      ZeRo-cOoL -
      Someone once asked me How do I use google. BAM! LMGTFY was the perfect solution. I hope I win the giveaway! Thanks!
    1. jackharvest's Avatar
      jackharvest -
      I was working on the car outside with all the parts flying around the yard, where i was obviously working on the car. A neighbor stopped by and asked, "hey, watcha doin'?" I literally turned the laptop to him, and used lmgtfy on the spot. He felt like a fool. Mission accomplished.

      [edit]: Forgot tO mention that I did the Mongolian translation for the LMGTFY site.
    1. gummieinstein's Avatar
      gummieinstein -
      a girl asked me if gorillas have hands xD

      A girl asked me if gorillas have hands[/FONT]
    1. Tario70's Avatar
      Tario70 -
      Were the licenses ever given out? (real question)
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