• Amazon Launches iPad Kindle Store Web App

    Amazon launched the touch-optimized Kindle Store for iPad as a standalone web app today. This web app is accessed through the iOS Mobile Safari browser and has proved to be a seamless experience for iPad owners. This web app is an entirely different experience from the Kindle Cloud Reader, which was another good web app released this past August.

    For those of you who are interested in trying the web app, click here (on your iPad). The web interface feels very smooth and elegant, much like a refined native app. It has support for familiar touch gestures such as swiping left and right to browse the storeís virtual shelves. The design offers large cover images, buttons, and typefaces which are easy on the eyes. Some of the more prominent features include search, user reviews, detailed descriptions, categories, and quick links to the storeís various sections such as Top 100 paid and free titles.

    Another interesting feature is the ability to read your Kindle books or book samples in either the native Kindle for iPad app or through the Kindle Cloud Reader available at here (on your iPad). This is quite a big move as opting for the latter means that youíll be able to buy ebooks and read them without having to leave your browser, all while retaining the responsiveness and elegance traditionally associated with native apps. When compared to the Kindle iOS app, itís a much more seamless experience because inside the Kindle app, youíll tap the store button and be pulled out of the app and into the Kindle Store in Safari. Furthermore, since the Cloud Reader syncs with Kindle apps, you have the option of starting to read a Kindle book on the web and continue right where you left off in the kindle iOS app on your device and vice versa.

    Are any of you who purchase books and content from Amazon excited to utilize the new web app? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Amazon
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