• Apple's Greg Joswiak and Other Apple Employees Spotted at CES 2012

    Although Apple doesn’t participate at CES and has ended its involvement in trade shows overall, the company naturally continues to keep up to date on what its competition is up to. CES is a prime event for new product introductions and according to the folks over at paidContent, many Apple employees including iOS device marketing chief Greg Joswiak were found on the floor at the expo.

    According to paidContent, Joswiak was found walking around the floor interested in how other companies present their products at events such as CES. Points of interest included booth layouts and aesthetics to which products were highlighted within a company’s booth. As expected, Joswiak declined to enter a more in-depth discussion regarding his interests at the show but did note that he “seemed less than impressed” with Sony’s booth on the expo floor.

    It isn’t much of a surprise to discover Apple is interested in what its competitors are doing. It should be noted that the Cupertino giant is likely also interested in following what companies are coming p with in terms of accessories for Apple’s own products. Although Apple’s lack of official presence at the show is apparent, it still remains a popular venue for announcements for products of all types, including those compatible with or made for the Mac and the iOS platforms.

    Source: paidContent
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