• Apple Now the Third Top PC Seller

    Apple to Toshiba: Pwned.

    When we tell you that Apple is booming - we aren't joking. Apple has seen more Mac sales in the past year than ever before. The Mac is a computer that is often regarded as a computer with '5% market share'; this, my friends, is a myth. Another very large misconception is that it's Apple against Windows - the real figures should be Apple against Dell, Apple against HP, Apple against Toshiba, and the list goes on. The Mac can run Windows too; did you forget?

    The numbers show that Apple now has 11.6% of the world PC market share (the percentage is higher in the U.S. alone). This number has just surpassed Toshiba which has a market share of 10.7%. Dell holds its title at 22.4% market share and HP holds the golden crown at 23.1%. Apple's sales have increased 20%, while all of the other companies are having a little bit of a decrease. The rate at which Apple has grown in 2011 is astounding and we have iOS to thank for it. The appeal of iOS continues to bring attention to the Mac as it becomes more and more integrated. People want things that just work together and Apple's operating systems is one great way to start.

    While the number of computers that Apple has sold isn't so astoundingly high that HP and Dell have to worry at this point, it's an excellent improvement over the outdated '5% market share' myth. With Apple shipping over two million Macs in the fourth quarter of 2011, you almost see an Apple computer in any school that you peer into. It's becoming a popular scholar's computer and a popular multitasking workstation. This reflects on the school discounts that Apple offers which are generally pretty good deals.

    What else could be contributing to the sales? Macs are the first computers to support Intel's Thunderbolt technology which can be handy for many commercial businesses. This is great for multiple displays or RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) disk solutions that companies might use for media editing or for storing server information. The technology (Thunderbolt) is still in its young stages and isn't very evolved yet, but we might see Macs continuing to show large sales numbers while new Thunderbolt technology comes out until more inexpensive PC's begin to adopt the technology. That's not to say that Thunderbolt is the selling point of Macs though.

    Another thing about the Mac lineup that has really made people want them is the slim form-factor without reducing specs or performance and the build quality of the computers themselves. The MacBook Air is an amazing slim laptop that was cannibalized by buyers as soon as the new unibody version was released. The MacBook Pro continues to be updated with better processors, graphics card solutions, and native storage. This is no different with the iMac, which is an amazingly thin all-in-one desktop computer that has hardly any loose articles around it. There are many comparable PC's, but we would like to see how Apple does this year to see if there are any more patterns that can be recognized.

    How many of you made the switch to a Mac last year? Leave a comment below.

    Sources: AppleInsider
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