• Agreeing to iTunes' Terms of Service Means You Promise Not to Make a Nuclear Bomb

    South Park may have lampooned Appleís iTunes terms of service agreement along with the millions who blindly accept the terms without reading them last year, but they missed a comedic gold mine.

    Everyone who accepts Appleís iTunes terms of service agrees to not use the product to produce nuclear bombs.

    Wait, what?

    Itís there, itís real, and I had no idea iTunes was an integral factor in the nuclear bomb production process. Well, the terms of service also prohibits the production of chemical or biological weapons with iTunes. Iíve searched through iTunes' many tabs and menus and still havenít found anything regarding enriched uranium, guided missile systems, or rare strains of deadly diseases to be released unto the masses.

    Perhaps the recent bombing of an Iranian Nuclear scientist was Appleís retaliation for using iTunes to make motivational playlists for those involved in Iranís nuclear development program? Who knew Apple was so concerned about matters of national security?

    I guess the iTunes burn disk icon can now be interpreted literally...

    Source: Business Insider
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