• Target Confirms In-Store Apple Stores Coming This Year

    Last Friday, MMi reported that retail giant Target would soon expand its in-store offerings by launching an "Apple store within a Target store" at dozens of select Target locations later this year.

    Today, Target confirmed the speculation and admitted that 25 "specialty stores" will open to exclusively showcase Apple products. The stores will be opened inside of presently existing Target retail locations.

    The specific locations, however, have not yet been announced, although they are expected to be chosen on the basis of proximity to nearby Apple stores. In other words, Target and Apple will bring the "mini Apple Store" concept to cities not large enough to have their own Apple Store.

    Apple already has centers within Best Buy stores, but an expansion to Target makes the computer brand accessible to shoppers who are not necessarily looking for electronics.
    Target, which currently sells iPhones, iPads and iPods, does not sell Macs. Target has not yet confirmed that it will through the new mini-Apple stores, although it's a safe bet that the retailer will begin selling Macs in some capacity.

    Source: New York Times
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