• New Top-Level Domain Name Applications Will Create a World Wide Web Full of .anythings

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is continuing with plans to allow generic top-level domains, and has even started accepting applications.

    The internet is about to get a whole lot more confusing. By opening up the floodgates to generic top-level domains, the already dizzying array of 22 .coms, .orgs, and .govs, can potentially be .anythings. This means political campaigns will be able to have websites at www.mitt.romney or a corporation like Nike could make sites with the domain [subject].nike.

    Even worse, top-level domains can to contain any language. No longer will the Latin alphabet be the sole language used. While this breaks down the doors of Western Imperialism found in the roots of the Internet, it will open up the door for scammers and Internet predators.

    However, there could be one saving grace for the entire system, securing a top-level generic domain is expensive. A $185,000 evaluation fee gets your foot in the door with $5,000 needed at the time of submitting the application. This fee could increase if ICANN needs to take special steps to evaluate the domain. No clear evaluation guidelines are given either. ICANN is trying to help third-world nations out a bit by lowering the fee to a paltry $47,000.

    ICANNís new plans are being opposed by numerous governments and the FCC, but it hasnít stopped the organization from moving forward. Supporters claim ICANN must maintain its independence from governments and unilateral efforts by multiple nations could sacrifice this independence.

    The incredibly high price of admission to even be considered for one of these top-level domains will hopefully minimize the number of scammers and domain squatters able to acquire the new domains. Still, it stands to reason a few less than savory organizations will attempt to secure as many top-level domains as they can in an attempt to cash in on big paydays.

    Anyone got $185,000 to throw down on www.stevejobs.apple?

    Source: PC World
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