• Verizon Said to Launch Live TV Streaming App This Year

    Those of you who are Xbox 360 owners probably already know that Verizon made 26 of its live FiOS TV channels available for online streaming on the gaming console. The folks over at GigaOM were able to sit down and talk with a Verizon representative at CES 2012 who claimed that a similar app would become available for the iPad sometime this year.

    The company originally announced the streaming app about a year and a half ago but has yet to release anything. Verizon accredited the hesitance to making sure networks have the same reliability as IPTV services so that streams donít crash. As of right now, this seems like more of an excuse than anything else. There are apps that offer live stream viewing as long as you are a subscribed member of a television service, such as the CNN app for the iPad.

    Nonetheless, Verizon seems to be reassuring the public and giving a rough deadline of when the app is supposed to be released. The company also managed to roll out a similar app to Samsungís connected Blu-Ray players and televisions today. The iPad app will presumably be available for free to those who subscribe to Verizonís FiOS TV service. Right now, we canít do anything but wait patiently and look forward to seeing the app land sometime this year. Just to clarify as if it wasnít obvious enough, this will only be available for paying FiOS customers.

    Source: GigaOM
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    1. Mp3Supply's Avatar
      Mp3Supply -
      IMO, when Verizon added its streaming channels to Xbox, I though that I'd give it a whirl.

      The quality was crap, there is no tv guide, the stations take extremely too long to change.

      Without the tv guide part, you have no idea what station is coming next AND you make me wait forever for
      The channel to change.

      I should have kept my Expectations low ... Story of my life :-p
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      It's only going to be an iPad app huh. Why no love for the other idevices
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