• Apple at the Top of the List for Mobile Shopping Satisfaction Survey

    As more consumers are beginning to use smartphones and visiting retailer websites, it has become increasingly important for retailers to make sure that shoppers have the best mobile shopping experience.

    According to research firm ForeSee, Apple’s mobile shopping satisfaction score proves it to be the cream of the crop, with 85% of 3,000 consumers putting the company on the top of their list. While the study didn’t specifically say it, the Apple Store app could possibly be the reason that Apple’s mobile shopping score was higher than overall satisfaction with Apple’s web store (at 83%). The others in the top five were Amazon, Dell, Netflix, and eBay (in that order from 2nd to 5th).

    The results from the study concluded that mobile platforms are playing a growing role in the retail experience. A full third of shoppers used their mobile phones to research products, while 15% actually made purchases. Furthermore, about one in five online shoppers use their phones to compare prices or products while in a physical retail location. Satisfaction with the mobile shopping experience is important for repeat business. ForeSee’s research shows that mobile shoppers who are highly satisfied with their mobile experience are 54% more likely to consider the same company the next time they want to make a similar purchase. They are also twice as likely to purchase from the retailers mobile channel again as well.

    Do any of you find the statistics interesting? Do you feel the same way about mobile shopping yourself? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: The Mac Observer
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