• Apple Announces Alliance with Fair Labor Association

    Big news in the realm of labor today. On Friday, the Fair Labor Association reported that Apple, much to the pleasant surprise of many, is now a participating member.

    Incredibly, Apple is the first tech firm to join the Fair Labor Association.

    It should be noted that Apple's affiliation with the FLA isn't simply nominal or a gesture of good will. Apple's membership subjects the company to independent inspection of facilities in Apple's supply chain. All the details and findings of those inspections will then be made public.

    Through its membership, Apple is making a pledge to adhere to the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct throughout its massive supply chains.

    "We're extremely proud to be the first technology company admitted to the FLA," said Jeff Williams, Apple's senior vice president of Operations. "Last year we performed more than 200 audits at our supplier's facilities around the world. With the benefit of the FLA's experience and expertise, we will continue to drive improvements for workers and provide even greater transparency into our supply chain."

    “Most big corporations have their ‘Nike moment’ at some stage -- when they realize the difficulties of maintaining their standards, particularly in an increasingly global environment,” FLA President Auret van Heerden said. “The problem with the supply chain is that it’s a moving target.”

    Apple's membership is being widely praised tonight as a sign that Cupertino takes the working conditions and general working environment of its labor very seriously.

    Source: Bloomberg
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