• Verizon Releases iPhone 4 Teaser Commercial

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    The iPhone may still be a few weeks away from being released on the Verizon network, but that hasnít stopped them from taking a page out of Appleís playbook. To hype the event, Verizon today released a teaser commercial that plays on the pent up demand for the iPhone. The ad implies that Verizon customers are counting down the seconds until the fabled iPhone is released on their network. Itís clear that Verizon expects a great deal of AT&T users to switch carriers and they may just be right.

    The iPhone will finally be available to Verizon customers on February 10, 2011. AT&T, although optimistic about the prospect of loosing customers to Verizon, is sure to loose a substantial amount of subscribers come mid-February. AT&T has the lowest customer satisfaction rating in the US. A great many people may in fact wait until their AT&T contracts are up before switching networks. This should stem the tide of defectors to Verizon, but not for long. Over the next couple of years as peopleís contracts expire, it should be interesting to see how many iPhone users stay with AT&T.

    Verizon, on the other hand, has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. Given the voracious amount of bandwidth the average iPhone user consumes, I wonder if Verizon will be able to maintain the high level of service people have come to expect from them. Hopefully, Verizon will be able to deliver the one thing AT&T has had difficulty providing and that is the ability to actually use an iPhone as a phone.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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