• Apple Releases Complete List of 2011 Suppliers

    Tim Cook is on a Friday the 13th Apple transparency roll, topping off the day with the unveiling of a full list of Apple’s suppliers.

    Earlier today Apple announced an unprecedented agreement with the Fair Labor Association, that would grant the FLA access to all of Apple’s suppliers' factories for independent and unannounced audits. The list pictured above is a complete compilation of Apples 200+ suppliers.

    The usual suspects like Samsung, Sony, Intel, LG, and others are accounted for, but I can only imagine (before googling it) what Wishay Intertechnology supplies to Apple ? I made the comment earlier today that it appears Tim Cook is turning Apple into an increasingly socially responsible corporation. Jobs’ win at all cost mentality allowed Apple to reach its current place atop the schoolyard hill of technology, but Jobs management style sacrificed some of the more humane aspects of Apple’s supply chain.

    Cook on the other hand has recommitted Apple to charitable efforts and revealed more information about Apple’s supply chain in an unexpected moment of transparency today. Hopefully this new, more socially conscious Apple doesn’t lose any of its research and design vigor.

    Then again, who is to say Apple’s only innovative contributions have to be relegated to the products they design? Why not innovate in the way businesses conduct themselves?

    Source: iDownloadBlog
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