• Apple Deemed World's 8th Most Valuable Brand

    On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Apple's brand value has increased exponentially during the last twelve months.

    According to the top 100 global brands ranked in Interbrandís Best Global Brands 2011 report (which excludes privately held brands), Apple was the eighth most valuable brand in the world last year.

    It should be noted that Apple claimed the No. 17 spot in 2010.

    For 2011, however, Apple's brand (estimated to be worth in excess of $33 billion) was bigger than numerous industry giants, including Disney and Budweiser. Microsoft still remains substantially ahead of Apple at No. 3. with a brand value of $59.1 billion.

    Once again, Coca-Cola took top honors in the report with an estimated brand value of $71.86 billion.

    To check out the list for yourself, click here.

    Source: Bloomberg
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