• Apple to Unveil Partnership with McGraw Hill on January 19th's Event

    Apple was sending out invites for an education focused event set to take place in New York City this upcoming Thursday (January 19) at the Guggenheim museum. The event is said to be unveiling a partnership with publishers for textbooks as Apple has reportedly worked with McGraw-Hill for the upcoming announcement since June, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Furthermore, according to a report by Cengage Learning, which is one of the biggest textbook publishers of higher education, it seems as if they will also be attending the event. With rumors of the announcement being centered around iBooks, many people are speculating that Apple will unveil a textbook solution optimized for iOS devices or integrated with iBooks. It’s a high possibility that we will see Apple announcing partnerships with major textbook publishers.

    As of right now, Bill Rieders, the executive vice president of global strategy and business development at Cengage Learning refused to comment on whether they will be partnering with Apple for the announcement or not. He did tell the Wall Street Journal that the combination of the two companies “could be exciting” though. Other major publishers such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson couldn’t be confirmed right now but it is something that time will reveal for sure.

    Stay tuned for more news regarding the event as it comes in!

    Source: Wall Street Journal
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