• Scott Forstall Viewed as Tim Cook's Most Likely Successor

    Tim Cook hasn't yet been the CEO of Apple for six months, but major companies like the Cupertino, California-based tech giant can't operate without an executive succession plan. And although Cook appears poised to remain Apple's chief executive for many years, there seems to be only one logical replacement for Cook as of today.

    In his new book "Inside Apple," author Adam Lashinsky of Fortune, speaks to that which has been rumored around Cupertino since Cook's installment as CEO last year. The book refers to Apple's iOS chief Scott Forstall as "the total package" and the man who will likely lead Apple in the post-Cook era.

    There was no suggestion made that Cook's tenure will be brief or unsuccessful.

    "If there's a knock on Forstall," writes Lashinsky, "it's that he wears his ambition in plainer view than the typical Apple executive. He blatantly accumulated influence in recent years, including, it is whispered, when Jobs was on medical leave."

    According to sources inside Apple, it's Forstall who best "fits Jobs' mold" as a detail-obsessed workaholic. Forstall has even been referred to a "mini-Steve" by some at Apple given his aggressive working style and obvious thirst for power inside the company.

    "Whether Forstall will happily remain a supporting player," Lashinsky writes, "will be one of the great internal dramas of Cook's tenure."

    "Inside Apple" will be released January 25th.

    Source: Apple 2.0
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