• SwirlyMMS Now Available For iPad 3G

    Send MMS/SMS Text Messages from your iPad 3G.

    The long awaited SwirlyMMS has been released for the iPad 3G just a few hours ago. This handy app brings the ability to send MMS and SMS Text Messages straight from your iPad. Yes, you MUST have an 3G enabled iPad, and your carrier plan should include something for Text Messages as well.

    Many of you are probably familiar with SwirlyMMS for the iPhone and iPod, as they were one of the first teams to add MMS support long before Apple added the feature in iOS 3.0.

    SwirlyMessage is synonymous with SMS, MMS and SwirlyNet messaging on the iPad 3G! The SwirlyMessage application is easy to use and contains numerous features, from basic sending and reception of SMSes, to the killer feature: send and receive SMS and MMS for free to and from friends within SwirlyNet™! Yes, messages sent and received within SwirlyNet™ really are free!

    SwirlyMessage for iPad 3G is the follow up of the popular SwirlyMMS for the iPhone. SwirlyMMS for the iPhone has been downloaded more than 3 million times and is actively used in well above 400 carrier networks in more than 130 countries all over the world! SwirlyMessage for iPad 3G is a complete re-write, bottom up, of SwirlyMMS to fully utilize the power of the iPad with its large screen and different form factor.
    This is one step closer to making the iPad an large iPhone.

    Check it out in Cydia for $12.00

    SwirlySpace SwirlyMessage for iPad 3G


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctnh4Unrt6Y]YouTube - MMS on the iPad using SwirlyMMS![/ame]
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