• [Giveaway] ProTube Comes to the iPad With ProTube HD

    ProTube HD is the best YouTube client for the iPad.

    ProTube, my favorite YouTube client for iOS is not available on the iPad. In December we showed you ProTube for iPhone and iPod touch and all of its features. ProTube HD is the same thing, only for iPad. Since its initial release, ProTube has seen many new updates as well as new features. All of those features are also available in the ProTube HD version which we are going to show you in this description. ProTube and ProTube HD were made by one of our own Modmyi readers, Jonas Gessner.

    ProTube has a myriad of features that you cannot get from the stock iOS YouTube application or from the YouTube Web site that you can bookmark on your home screen. There are also several other YouTube clients in Cydia that you can download, but none of them quite scale up to the intuitive interface and features of ProTube. So you must be asking; why is ProTube the best YouTube client and why should we buy it instead of a different YouTube client? The answer is, it's beautiful, fully functional, and comes with excellent developer support. Jonas will work hard to implement requests by his buyers.

    With ProTube, you can download videos (or just the audio from the video) in HD (high detail) or SD (standard detail), it has an ad-blocker for faster loading, you can like/dislike videos, you can leave comments, you can view recommended videos the way that YouTube wants you to see them, have control over your YouTube account, faster loading than the iOS application, HQ (high quality) and SQ (standard quality) options, share videos or add them to playlists, landscape orientation support, and so much more! In case you were wondering, yes, ProTube does support full screen video. The screenshot above is not in full screen mode. Here is a screenshot of the video download manager:

    Any video that you download can be added to your camera roll, so this means you can use MMS or email to send it to people right from your iPad through iMessage or Mail. You delete, rename, and manage these videos that you download however you want to. ProTube HD also supports multiple simultaneous downloads so that you don't have to wait for one to finish to start another download. Another great feature is that you watch videos while they are being downloaded. If that's not enough to tickle your fancy, then try this: you can watch videos that are blocked on mobile devices through the video streaming ability on both ProTube HD and ProTube for the iPhone or iPod touch.

    ProTube HD is on Cydia right now and will set you back just $1.49 for the whole package. It's not a bad deal at all. I have personally hidden the stock iOS YouTube application with Springtomize 2 in favor of ProTube because of the features. I am sure that any YouTube addict will appreciate this application and because of that, we are going to give away five copies of ProTube to the luck readers of Modmyi.

    Want to win? Post a comment below that explains to us how you would use ProTube HD and why you think you should win it. You will need to post your Cydia account number so that we can route the application to your Cydia account. We will pick the winners in a couple of days. Good luck!

    Note: Jonas is currently working on an update for both applications (iPad version and iPhone/iPod touch version), which will be more lightweight in terms of memory usage because of better caching and it will also fix a few bugs that were left. He is constantly testing the app and will continue bringing awesome updates!

    Name: ProTube HD
    Price: $1.49
    Version: 1.0
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Jonas Gessner
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5

    Are you excited for ProTube HD? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Jonas Gessner
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    1. Hugo911's Avatar
      Hugo911 -
      Awesomeness I have MxTube on my iPod4g but this sounds a lot more fun!!! Will try and get for my iP4s
    1. fabbuloso's Avatar
      fabbuloso -
      Greatest!!! This should be the built in app.
    1. Hugo911's Avatar
      Hugo911 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hugo911 View Post
      Awesomeness I have MxTube on my iPod4g but this sounds a lot more fun!!! Will try and get for my iP4s
      Of course when the jailbreak for my iP4s comes out..... Hopefully real soon
    1. DKjail's Avatar
      DKjail -
      Protube is so freaking awesome on the iPhone.
      So it could only be a tons better on the iPad.

      Explains to us how you would use ProTube HD:
      I can only talk about using YouTube thrue http:// and iPhone. THAT SUXS !!
      i Mean it, look at the web design ?!

      But for now, i use ProTube on the iPhone, and it perfect.
      Its faster, looks better, i can Download my stuff, i can everything i want to.
      So i would use 'Pro' the same way - Maybe more ?
      But as you proberly know - "When the screen on the gadget is bigger, you use that gadget more".

      And why you think you should win it
      I dont know - i dont even want to write a story of "why" like everyone else.
      Half of it is lies anyway.

      i only write this comment, to tell i love "Protube" and i hope it will be more awesome on the iPad.
      But offcourse i wonna win - Who dont want to win something ?!

      But good work Jonas Gessner.
      -But, i could really need "import to Music ..."


      Oh, And The Cydia number stuff thing : 1268454
    1. mikel639's Avatar
      mikel639 -
      Im a complete youtube addict and am subscribed to a ton of stuff. The problem is my wifi is really slow, so I guess I'd download videos from my subscriptions and then watch them back as and when I want them without having to wait for the YouTube app to spend ages buffering the, in HD. Cydia number #7154
    1. Iculknfne's Avatar
      Iculknfne -
      i use my ipad1 a whole lot when i get home. i look at a lot of youtube videos about jailbreaking and my 14 year old son loves to watch youtube on my phone and my ipad when i dont have it. its such a pain in the butt for him because of all the mess that comes with it. this would be awesome to have. cydia account number is 124138.
    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Ooo, I'll get behind this one. I like how it allows video downloads.
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Not this again.
    1. DayumQuitPlayin's Avatar
      DayumQuitPlayin -
      I would love to win this app. I'm always hanging with my usual friends and we all would look up vids on YouTube, stuff like fights, crack heads on subway, etc to get some laughs. The native YT app is ok, but I wish I could have a better made app such as the one in this giveaway so that I can utilize YT to its full potential. I'm Always watching vids and so this app would be used and not just installed to take up space.
      Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity to win. *Crosses fingers*
      Acct # 15756
    1. dstorrents's Avatar
      dstorrents -
      Wooohooo a You Tube app for the iPad that I can actually watch You Tube videos on. I find the built-in You Tube app worthless, so I would use this app to watch videos (simple as that).

      Daniel (Acct # 864934)
    1. crackertime's Avatar
      crackertime -
      Well, I will be straight with you, this is a necessity for me. I have been toiling in the amateur tube ranks for many years and have been looking for my big break. Sure I watched a video of Gabby Jay being knocked out, and even Bob Charlie. That is all well and good, but I want my shot at Mad Clown, Super Macho Man and the rest of the upper echelons of the tube world. I am just like a video of little Mac, running along as his trainer rides a bike behind him, in fact, the iPad is like a little Mac. Alright, I was forced to put in that pun, stay with me here. In conclusion please consider aiding me in defeating Youtube by moving me from Amateurtube to Protube, and help me realize my destiny!

      Cydia Number:
    1. Tashawn's Avatar
      Tashawn -
      I have this for my iPhone. I love it!
    1. papen's Avatar
      papen -
      I watch a lot of youtube videos and the default youtube app isn't good enough for me. As I have a slow connection and it keeps switching to HD, and it's a pain to wait for full loading. I'm not fond of going to safari and use youtube mobile either. I heard a lot of good comments about ProTube and would like to give it a try.

      Cydia: 3206221
    1. Rich246's Avatar
      Rich246 -
      Winning this app would be great, I spend ages doing this processs on my PC and converting then uploading to my iPad, also it wouls be great to get extra features to make YouTube even better, the built in YouTube app is just awful, it's slow and lags, the mobile YouTube is just as bad, ProTube seems to be the way to go!
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rich246 View Post
      Winning this app would be great, I spend ages doing this processs on my PC and converting then uploading to my iPad, also it wouls be great to get extra features to make YouTube even better, the built in YouTube app is just awful, it's slow and lags, the mobile YouTube is just as bad, ProTube seems to be the way to go!
      The funny thing is, this uses the same GUI as the mobile app.
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Already bought it a while ago. It's really good app and a good MxTube replacement.
    1. Zoz's Avatar
      Zoz -
      How would I use it? I would use it to download all the videos I want to watch for long car trips. Internet connection on the roads of Alabama is spotty, so I could use the help. Cydia Number: 13766
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by ipodtouchman77 View Post
      The funny thing is, this uses the same GUI as the mobile app.
      So what? You won't find its features in the mobile application will you?
    1. Commandor's Avatar
      Commandor -
      I have lots of mtvs to make my iPad 2 to be a portable karaoke. Protube just fills up the download function that missed in built-in one. Protube make it possible that our family could sing even without a connection to internet.
      Cydia number: #2282374
    1. winfis's Avatar
      winfis -
      Great work, Jonas!
      I'd love to have this in my hands. It's just about time I have a decent Youtube app in my iPad. Plus, it adds some cool features that I love and would use, like the video downloading.

      Cydia Number: 264547
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