• Apple to Possibly Open a Retail Store in Queens, New York

    According to the NY Daily News, the retail developer Yeheskel Elia is currently working with Apple to bring another “iconic store” to Queens, New York. To be more specific, the store would be on Austin Street in Forest Hills. Apple currently has one other Apple Store in New York City outside of Manhattan itself that is located in Staten Island.

    As of right now, nothing is official because both Apple and Elia are working on more details. It was said that Elia would do anything to bring an Apple Store to the area which is constantly bustling. If the two come to a conclusion and a deal is reached, the store could possibly open under a year. It was said that just a few months ago, an Apple broker reached out to Elia regarding the new store.

    If the deal does go through, it’ll be a low blow for the neighboring borough Brooklyn, who has been campaigning for an Apple Store non-stop for years now with the borough president Marty Markowitz and local hipsters backing the movement. When the NY Daily News reached out to Apple for a comment, they responded in a typical fashion by saying that the company has “made no announcements” regarding any stores outside of Manhattan.

    After recently opening a huge 23,000 foot Apple Store in the NYC Grand Central Terminal and the fact that six retail store locations exist in New York, it is unsure whether which way Apple might lean but it should be noted that it will likely be successful if it were to open a store in Forest Hills. The state of New York is currently honoring Apple’s Steve Jobs by inducting him into the Creative Hall of Fame today as well.

    How many of you New Yorkers would be interested in an Apple Store opening in Forest Hills? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: NY Daily News
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