• Last Week to Vote in the Official iPhone Film Festival

    Wednesday marks the beginning of the last week viewers can cast their vote for one of twelve finalists in the Original iPhone Film Festival.

    The 12 films spread across four categories—fiction, non-fiction, brand film, and music video—are of course filmed entirely with the iPhone. None of the films are very long (its more of a short-film festival), and the music videos are well, music videos, but all of the films do showcase the talents of the film makers well.

    While the limitations of the iPhone as a video camera aren’t hard to imagine (no manual focus, shutter speed, or aperture control) the film makers understand the iPhone is just another tool, and the real heart of film making rests in the hands of creativity, vision, and execution. The filmmakers likely used editing and special effects programs to add rack-focus, depth of field, and other manual camera moves the iPhone 4 and 4S are unable to pull off.

    One fiction film “The Latter” appears to have been filmed forward, but with the protagonist moving backwards so that reversing the footage in post makes the protagonist appear to move forward through a backwards world. While this is nothing new, it is well executed, and difficult to pull off. The non-fiction film “Hairy Dog” is perhaps the most visually captivating in terms of cinematography as the black and white footage truly looks like something filmed with a much more adept camera.

    As in any contest some films are better than others, with much of it depending on personal preference, but almost every film exhibits qualities not found in shorts shot with more expensive kit. It’s never the tool, but the hand of the craftsman that ultimately decides the quality of the product.

    Voting will continue through next Wednesday and the winners will be announced live at Macworld on January 26th.

    Vote here!

    Source: Dailymotion [via TUAW]
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