• Apple Executive Eddy Cue Profiled as Company's "Dealmaker"

    Fortune’s Adam Lashinky is set to release his new book, “Inside Apple” next week, where he characterized Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, as a “dealmaker” crucial to the company’s negotiations with carriers, record companies, and movie studios.

    According to the book, Cue led the first talks with AT&T about the iPhone and was also responsible for closing deals with major record companies, movie studios, and TV producers for iTunes. The executive is also being credited with transforming the lackluster MobileMe into iCloud and persuading Jobs to select ARM processors instead of Intel chips for the iPhone.

    Cue has played a prominent role in the establishment of iBooks and the creation of iLife with his 23 years at Apple. He also reportedly led negotiations with News Corp to help launch the iPad-exclusive The Daily that showed off Apple’s in-app subscription service as well. His efforts were rewarded with a promotion to Senior Vice President last September, with duties including oversight of the iTunes Store, the App Store, iBooks, iAd, and iCloud. As part of his promotion, Cue was rewarded with 100,000 restricted stock units which were worth more than $37 million at the time. Half of the shares will vest in 2013, while the remaining shares will vest in 2015.

    It is being rumored that Cue is also reported to be playing a part in Apple’s upcoming education focused event in New York City on Thursday. It should be noted that Cue isn’t the only executive that Lashinky profiled in his new book either. Apple’s Senior Vice President of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, was recently portrayed by the author as the company’s “CEO-in-waiting” claiming that Forstall is “the total package and suggests that he is likely to succeed Cook.

    For those of you who are interested in reading the book, “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired – and Secretive – Company Really Works” is currently available for preorder on Amazon in hardcover, Kindle, and audiobook editions. The book is currently scheduled for a release on January 25th.

    Source: MacNN
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